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  • New Artist -> Product and Organization -> Product link systems. Game Example, Anime Example
    This will allow editors to link artists and organizations with products from the "Manage Artists/Orgs" link in products and releases.
    Normally, artists and organizations should only be linked to releases and they will be automatically grouped up on the product.
    A new "Products" tab will appear on artists and organizations with linked products. Switching to this tab will also change the Recent Albums list to a list of products.
    The site-wide album filter also works on the artists Products tab.
    Note: this feature is currently experimental and available to staff only.
  • Releases can now have Images uploaded, similar to album scans. This is meant to be used for uploading credits pictures from staff rolls or game manuals. Example
  • New Artist roles (including albums): Music Producer, Music Director, Vocal Director, Editor.
    "SFX Artist" renamed to "Sound Effects".
    Existing roles have also been reordered.
  • New Artist roles (for products only): Sound, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Sound Support.
  • Releases can now have a different logo from the parent product. If they have none, they will inherit the product logo.
  • Releases on product pages are now ordered from oldest to newest, and grouped up under the respective parent release.
  • Added a URL rewrite for releases, the link is now /release/*id*
  • Products will appear in the main page, under "What's New" as well as a new "Products Just Added" section, with a different border.
  • The "Recent Updates" tabs will now show an arrow linking to the history page for edits.
  • Fixed an issue with small covers not uploading correctly and appearing duplicated.
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