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  • Product Credits improvements:
    Song credits are now separated from BGM/General Sound credits, and will show up differently on artist pages. This allows to tell at a glance if a product credit in a discography is for BGM.
    Child releases can have more complex relationships, and have additional credits or not inherit song credits. This is especially useful for other region releases where the only difference are songs in a different language. These new child releases can also have other childs.
    Several other minor fixes and tweaks.
  • Icons for albums in your Collection or Wishlist have been added to the following pages:
    Simple search results
    Advanced search results
    Browse Albums page
    EDIT: the icons are now hidden behind an option. You can enable it by clicking the gear on the top right of the screen.
  • The Browse Albums page now uses a more consistent reprint icon, and the discussion icon also links to the forum thread.
  • Product entries on organizations will now show the release name instead of the product name.
  • Country flags are not repeated anymore in products pages when they are the same.
  • Featured albums/product don't appear in artists Latest Works anymore.
  • The "Save Changes" button for scans/release images now appears when uploading the first scan without having to reload the page.
  • Some platform names have been shortened further when displayed in organizations and products.
  • The album and products list don't appear anymore on organizations without any linked.
  • Simple search results now default to the first non-empty tab.
  • Increased the maximum file size for logos.
  • It's no longer possible to stitch albums if the child album has artists/products linked.
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