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  • Added a calendar for product releases. It can be accessed by clicking the "Products" link on the top left of the album calendar.
  • Product release dates in searches are now links to the new product calendar.
  • Added new vinyl size options: 5", 5½", 6", 6½". Removed 16".
  • Added new vinyl RPM options for mixed side speeds.
  • Fixed unspecified product dates in searches and recent products.
  • Products without releases can now have song credits.
  • Unit members linking is now more consistent with album linking, showing matches for names in kanji.
  • Unicode spaces in non-advanced searches are replaced with normal ones, making it possible to search for artists copied from japanese sources more easily.
  • Renamed "TV Special" to just "Special".
  • It's no longer possible to delete an album with child albums.
  • Fixed new PM popup redirecting to a wrong URL when browsing certain pages.
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