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Originally Posted by blaze0041 View Post
In relation to my rejected edits, I wanted to ensure consistency between the Japanese titles in the series, since I also plan on adding the character songs from the second season of the K-ON!! anime.
Based on the scan we've gathered so far, "TVアニメ" is on the Obis of the first season albums, while not on the those of the second season albums. So I guess the official publisher doesn't maintain consistency throughout the series (regardless of whether we should standardize them or not). The exclamation mark would be my mistake, though.

Originally Posted by blaze0041 View Post
I was basing these edits off the digital listings of the albums
We had a lengthy discussion in the past, and if I can recall correctly, the consensus was not to see the official site as the definitive criteria. I nowadays think the album title should be decided on a case by case basis and it's better to pick up what looks like the best one, if the obi/spine/front and other sources (e.g. official site) don't always match.
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