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Originally Posted by Blackiris View Post
As for Sawano: While he certainly has his share of epicness, I think he doesn't entirely deserve the hype. This might be an unjustified accusion, though, since I've only listened to his Shingeki no Kyojin soundtrack as well as a couple of pieces from Kill la Kill and some single tunes from other animes. Personally, I thought he lacked variety throughout his works. A bit like Motoi Sakuraba or Yuki Kajiura, many of his pieces sound the same no matter where you hear them. (It doesn't help that he mostly composes for the biggest mainstream anime of the respective seasons, either.) I find it important that a soundtrack has an identity that makes you connect it with one anime and not only one composer.
You and I are totally on the same page. This is Sawano in a nutshell. At least with Sakuraba, you can tell it's Sakuraba--there's no mistaking his sound. Even Kajiura is recognizable to the extent that everything she does is so utterly simplistic and often melodramatic. Sawano, on the other hand, there's just no signature style, nothing that is recognizably "Sawanoan" in his music.

And I'm with you on Kawai, too. He's great--one of the true trailblazers of Japanese media scoring.
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