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Yeah. The problem with a lot of these roles is that they can mean different things for different albums. A sound engineer on one album may have completely different tasks from a sound engineer on another album. Same goes for directors, etc.

Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
Should "remastering" be a different role from "mastering engineer"?
Mastering and remastering are the same thing. The latter just specifies it was redone. I don't think you'll find both roles on the same album... unless for some reason they want to credit the guy whose work they essentially undid.

Unlike some of these other titles, Mastering Engineer is actually a very specific role. It's about putting the last layer of polish on a musical work to prepare it for the destination media.

EDIT: Oh, yes. I see what you mean. In this case, I think they are only crediting Yuka Koizumi for "historical" reasons. You can rest assured that all of her hard work was completely scrapped from this album.

It's funny. People often say mastering should not be done by the mixer, but rather a separate person. In the case of SQEX-10068~9 (which most people found to sound worse than the original SSCX-10042) it seems this adage holds true.

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