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only the upper stratas really get "rich", the majority of composers are stuck in freelance hell, doing lots of smallish projects for indie developers for relatively small pockets of income. it's very much a ladder-climbing business for most, except the lucky ones! I guess also a lot of musicians don't talk about their financial situation because it's a bit of a faux pas.

so really the lifestyle is a bit rock 'n' roll, with a lot of work and dedication. you have to really live and breathe music to be successful (particularly these days now everyone potentially has a music studio sat in their bedroom), working odd hours and juggling multiple (and varied) projects isn't unusual either. you also need good people skills in order to successfully negotiate projects with ever-changing clients. and of course budgetting, because you might land a big project, then get nothing for months after. it isn't as glamourous as it seems, at least to start with. but if you love writing music enough then it'd be worth it, and i'm tempted to believe that it gets easier as you go, though obviously there's always new challenges.

also, welcome to the site~

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