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First off, do we have to follow the printed date even though it's obviously wrong? I know it was discussed elsewhere the other day (regarding an iTunes album or such) but this is another example (how a reprint could be released on the same date as the original release? )

Anyway, the biggest problem with the announcement date is that it isn't usually announced in the first place. I know some people find it quite odd, but I think it's pretty common that winners will receive the prize without prior announcement. As far as the prize draw or reward album such as Club Nintendo soundtracks, I personally think another solid choice is the application date (I mean, the first day of the application period). We can go with this date when we also handle a made-to-order soundtrack such as this.

Ideally, when we handle prize draw, reward or BTO albums, we could specify "release periods", rather picking up only one specific day, in my opinion.
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