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(ok I didn't read everything so...)

Originally Posted by Myrkul
* Numbered booklets
Always follow the numbers printed on the booklet. If the first page(s) is not numbered, you can use the previous numbers (ex: 00-01, if the first printed numbers are 02-03)
* Non-Numbered booklets
Always use "Booklet pg. 01-02" as the first pages, and not "02-03".
if I've well understood, when a booklet has numbered pages, it's "Booklet" + numbers
and if there's no number, it's "Booklet Pg." + numbers the submitter assigns himself

I had a question about unsafe pictures
if the picture (let's say, the Front Cover) has, for example, naked girls on it (in a soft way) and this picture is used normally on shop sites, is it considered as unsafe?
cf. Front of Motto To Love-ru Music CD 1
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