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Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
Maybe collections should have 2 directories by default "digital" & real", and while browsing on the site, it should tell only who got a real copy of the album.. regarding the "real" dirrectory.
This is similar to what I suggested the last time this issue was brought up. While I don't think we should relgulate what users use the collection feature for, I really think we need to have a better separation between ones 'actual' collection and whatever else one wishes to use the collection feature for.

A specific directory which exists in each collection by default (and is named in such a way that its purpose is hard not to get) and from which all collection data is drawn from, seems like a good idea. So that only albums one actually owns (or have otherwise payed for, in the case of non-free digital releases) show up the "Album Stats" in album entries, and in other stats around the site.
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