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I just noticed a little interesting thing about a sample library, so I figured I'd just document it somewhere. It seems like Bill Laswell sampled Death Cube K (aka Buckethead). He typically doesn't use pre-recorded material in his compositions, AFAIK. The sample "Acoustic Guitar 10" from Covert Diaspora by Bill Laswell essentially sounds remastered to that in Death Cube K's track, "Maggot Dream". Maggot Dream was released May 13, 1994, and Covert Diaspora seems to have been released 2001 sometime. To not go completely off-topic I'll bring up again, that kt2 used the "Acoustic Guitar 10" sample from Covert Diaspora in "Five Days" in the game project "For you, as I saw you", that was never completed.

Major Edit #1:

  • "LOW RIDER" from "Spectrasonics: Metamorphosis" was used in 1.18 "暗躍のダークスーツ (FFVII『タークスのテーマ』より)"

Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness
  • "CLUSTER 01" from "Spectrasonics: Symphony of Voices" was used in 26 "疑惑"

Musashiden II: Blademaster (Musashi: Samurai Legend)
  • "23 Tulku of the Headwaters" from "Q Up Arts: Pandora's Toolbox" was used in 1.25 "Meltdown"

I think that Besaid Island chime sample actually comes from the AMG expansion card "Vintage Synths" (SR-JV80-04). It also has a sample called Ana(log) Chime. But I haven't been able to find the sample, or even a demo of it, so I can't verify.. The name of the actual wave for that patch SEEMS to be "JP-8 PWM B" (if I'm deciphering the owner's manual properly..), so maybe it originally comes from Roland JP-8 even (EDIT: or maybe the wave is "E04-071 2600 Sine" judging by this list).

I found the menu selection FX from DMC2 in the built-in "This Is It" demo (0:12) of YAMAHA EX5R, so yeah, that likely originates from EX5R, but obviously, I don't know the specific patch/preset/wave name.

According to the info on this interview, SC-88 is one of the synths Nobuo Uematsu uses (or at least has used). "Nylon Gt." therefrom could be the guitar used in FFVIII Breezy, and/or at least FFX Spiran Scenery. Also, the demo (at least) for "BLUES OD" on Synth Mania sounds similar to Shuffle or Boogie (I wonder if the guy of SM is hinting at FFVIII with the demo ).

"SURF GUITAR" from Roland SC-88 would likely have been used in FFVII Electric de Chocobo. There's also that heartbeat FX thingy from FFVII in there, once again though, don't know the patch nor sample name/s.

"ORCHESTRA" (rhythm set) from Roland SC-88 definitely contains the drum sample from Qu's Marsh et al from FFIX. EDIT: Well, that went quick - another sample from a FFIX track that also has the aforementioned drum sample: "Strings Sect. 2" - used in Cid's theme.

Something of the "3D PIPE" demo on the SC-880 page reminds me of the pipe in FFIX Madain Sari. Or possibly FFX Yuna's Decision. I think SC-88 has one of the samples from those anyway.

"Afro Split" from SC-88 is in FFX Between the Trials, I'm quite sure.

Major edit #2:

Final Fantasy X
  • "WARNING" from "Spectrasonics: Distorted Reality 2" was used in 4.07 "彷徨の炎"

I'm shocked how well Hamauzu sliced and utilized that sample... Actually, I'm not even sure where the hell it plays, but I know it's in there (I've extracted all of the samples from the in-game track). If anyone figures it out, I'd love to know. I doubt it's the "main" ambience, because there are about 5 ambient samples in the track - and they're all fairly similar.

Major edit #3:

Final Fantasy X
  • "VERBONICS" from "Spectrasonics: Bizarre Guitar" was used in 3.09 "灼熱の砂漠"

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