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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
How many different sound variations are there for the PC-88?Although, there weren't many PC-game soundtracks released in those days.
I have zero knowledge on this and perhaps somebody else deep in retro game music community (e.g. hoot) could clarify it better, but according to my brief research, two sound chips were basically used for the PC-88 series, with some optional sound cards. So perhaps if we're to add a PC-88 variation without making our listbox chaotic, dividing it two 2 categories is reasonable. My suggestion is NEC PC-88(OPN), NEC PC-88(OPNA) (alternative is NEC PC-88(YM2203), NEC PC-88(YM2608)). We can hold off addition until we look into soundtrack of the days more finely, of course. Not sure how many there would be, besides Sorcerian.
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