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Yeah, I always wished we made note of this somewhere. For example, I never really knew it because we don't have a scan of it and my copy didn't come with one, but Provincialism Ys comes with an obi. I found a (very small) picture of one on the case, like we have in many of our scans, on some shop or auction site somewhere. But usually, even if we don't have a scan of the obi, we have scans of the case front and case back with the obi attached, like I mentioned, so you can at least see one is included. But we don't even have that, and since my copy didn't come with one, I was pretty convinced "okay, there just strangely isn't an obi." But there is. I think people would appreciate knowing that something comes with an obi even if they're not using such information to help fill in the blanks for scans.

Also I really wish more people would help out with scans ;__;
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