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Yeah, that is by far my least favourite part of ripping SNES samples. I use my MIDI keyboard and guitar tuner to help, but even then the frequencies can throw it completely off.

Something I just remembered was a post made by Yamashita herself on Facebook expressing her concerns about X3:
When I listen to the music from Mega Man X3. I wonder if it's good music. I think that I would be able to composer better music now.
However, I can say that I did my best at the time.
Thank you for loving music that I composed.
She also expresses her displeasure for the PS port:
This is all the music from Rockman X3(SFC) sold it in Japan (Mega Man X3).
I was never part of the Minakuchi Engineering Staff. Also, I'm not an employee of Natsume.
That was actually the name of the company that requested the work from me and I suppose they were credited in the game.
Because this was SFC, I made data by sampling all tones and using them.
I knew this PS version had been put on the market back by Capcom recently.
However, I was a little disappointed when I listened to the arrangement.
The sound is lighter.
The rhythm of the drums is strange.
Because it was PS, I was sure the sound would be better. The hardware has more power. But I didn't think the arrangement was suitable for the landscape in "Mega Man X3". However, I guess that is a subjective statement. People are fans of the music on the PS version.
However, as the original composer, I didn't think that the arrangement on the PS version was good.
We (video game music composers) need to compose music that is appropriate for the game.
Whoever made the PS version didn't understand that. I was shocked.
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