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Oh wow, how did I miss this thread... sorry for opening up a separate topic, didn't know this was here!

Originally Posted by docnano View Post
One such work for me is a Lolo 3 remix:
Admittedly, I don't know the original, but this sounds wonderful and authentic. Nice instrumentation and pacing, well-produced. Nice cresendo/decrescendo in the dynamics from 1:33 onwards as well. Loving the classic piccolo, haha.

Originally Posted by VGMRMissCoriel
I suppose its my turn again. I am surprised that this didn't get much attention:
Legendary Wings Overture Expanded
Nice, captured the epic sound very well! I like the way the strings come in at 0:20 to strengthen the resolution. At 0:33 the percussion feels a little overpowering, or maybe it's because the bass instruments also play rhythmic elements; slightly difficult for my ears to decide what the main focal point is, melody or rhythm.
The chiptune bit I like a lot. Maybe it would be nice to leave out the strings and percussion for the first few bars or so and slap a highpass filter on it, to enhance and accentuate the contrast between the original and your epic remake?
All in all, I can see this working very well under a game

Well, re-spamming my own project here once again, this time in the appropriate section:
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