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Nice! Hypnotic vibe you got going there.

- the hyperactive bass that drives the track forward, nice slurry and heavy sound, sits well in the mix. I really like this sound!
- the strings, befitting menacing sound for the tense atmosphere of the track.
- the sort of bowed bellsynth that the track starts out with panned to the right; I think it'd sound great with a bit of subtle delay/reverb on the higher frequencies, has the potential for sounding really hypnotic.

- the percussion sounds a bit dime-a-dozen (Vengeance or FL sample pack?), especially the open hi-hat on the offbeat. Could also do with some more release/reverb on the hats and the claps, some of them are cut off very abruptly.
- the synth that's panned hard left is a bit bass-heavy, resulting in the track "leaning" to the left. Maybe try centering it some more?
- perhaps broadening the strings in the stereo channel and decreasing the volume a little to make them blend a bit more into the mix. They're a bit too much in your face for my taste.

Just my two cents
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