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Default Question and suggestion about new roles

1) How to make studio name for artist page
- If a name has 株式会社/(株) in Japanese credits, should we include Inc./LTD./Co./Co., Ltd... when turning the name?
- For example if both ONKIO HAUS Inc. and ONKIO HAUS are existing in English credits which is proper as a display name?
- If a studio group has multiple branches or sub-studios with distinct names like prime studios, how to make them? Apparently they have prime sound studio form, prime sound studio, prime sound studio daikanyama, avex studio azabu, form THE MASTER. Should we make every artist page?

2) More roles
How about adding these roles?
- Sound Designer
- Editor (Music Editor/Sound Editor)
- Recording Director
- Recording Producer
- Remixer (We now put remixers in the Arranger field.)

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