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Hi there, sorry for the double-post, just had a question: is there a way to submit alternative song lengths to the VGMdb?

The use case: I have my Sonic R soundtrack as a cue sheet + split wav files, with the pregaps appended to the previous track (the standard/default).

When I load the cue sheet in foobar2000, I get slightly shorter track lengths, since it subtracts the gaps from the song lengths, and the VGMDB lookup fails.

So when I load the cue sheet, select those tracks, and do a freedb lookup, foobar2000 uses this url and gets no results:

If instead I load the audio files and select those, foobar2000 uses this url:

(notice all the offsets are slightly larger in the second URL, since foobar2000 isn't subtracting the pregap lengths).

Using the default CDDB server results in inexact matches for both queries:

I wouldn't want to mess up anybody who's using rips that include the pregaps. I don't know how the usual CDDB servers implement inexact matches.
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