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For those who are interested in the claim of this album containing 24-bit/96kHz music, here is an example spectogram of track 4, "Freedom", showing the frequency spectrum of the uncompressed 96kHz sampling rate music files on the Blu-ray:

This indicates that these 96kHz files were upsampled from 44.1kHz. The spikes sticking out above the rest are distortion, the result of clipping. A close examination of the end of the fade-outs of the tracks shows they drop in volume from about -90 dB directly to silence, indicating the original files were also 16-bit. If they had been 24-bit originally, the fades would progress from -90 down to about -140 before reaching silence.

Though there wasn't a big deal made about this being 24/96, it does say that in some places online, like the Sony Music Shop, which could be construed as advertisement, the fact is that's misleading and it is actually sourced from from standard CD-quality audio.

Although I don't believe there is an audible difference between 16/44 and 24/96, I still think that's pretty lame. It technically would have been better not to upsample at all, and I'm still baffled as to why clipping ever still occurs at all since all digital audio workstations come with very easy methods of preventing it.
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