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Originally Posted by Phonograph View Post
10th month of lunar calendar isn't equivalent to 10th month of solar calendar,
for that a lunar month should be able to reach 31 days like october what isn't the case since no lunar month goes over 30 days
perso, I always used "Kannazuki Mermaid" and none of other localized idiocies
Okay, I feel really stupid. I never understood how "June Mermaid" went to "October Mermaid" but I guess I didn't realize the calendars in different lands would be different. Me so silly! Anyway, thinks for inadvertently explaining this to me.

But seriously, "June Mermaid" sounds so much better than "October Mermaid" but hell, I tired using the translation SE gave us on my mp3s and I switched back to the old translation relatively quickly. And yeah, "Icy Chin" did have something to do with that.
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