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Oh, that's interesting. I just assumed the DLs were just rips from the soundtrack. Guess I should have looked at that closer.

Anyway, I guess I should admit that I bought this one mainly due to the urging of a friend. My experiences with the Dreamcast and Cube were rather limited, so I'm only aware of this game in a passing sense. That said, I guess it was a coincidence that I'm listening to Panzer Dragoon Orta right now and ended up with another soundtrack with work from one of that album's composers.

I've been slowly going through all my soundtracks and watching let's plays (with no commentary obviously) to see the context of the various pieces. Not saying you need to see the context to appreciate a given piece of music, but it has helped out in more than a few instances so far. I'm sure that'll help with this one as well. I guess I should be thankful I only have about two hundred albums compared to some collectors that have a few times that.
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