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That´s true, but it is far more better situation than with "western territorials".
Almost 60% of anime series will get soundtrack CD release as standalone release or enclosure or you get both in span of 2-3 years (I am talking about you greedy aniplex).
And situation when you still can buy proper CD release in this digital and LP music age is almost unbelievable. Thank you Japan.

It would have surprisingly something common with money
IMHO anime studios are glad that they have enough money for their staff, voice actors etc. and even for releasing the series. Releasing music isn´t always that important.
And maybe composer is against releasing it ... lot of speculation here.

Would be nice to know how are rules for releasing anime soundtrack CD if it is mentioned in composer contract or in something else.

On Japan TV drama side NTV & TBS TV dramas almost always get soundtrack CD releases for their series, but they are mostly connected to two music agencies - Miracle Bus & One Music.
Maybe they have deal...who knows?
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