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Default N/A: Nintendo 64 Original Soundtrack Greatest Hits

I had this album when I was young. When I read the track listing and the review on another site, I was confused. So I downloaded the torrent of the CD, and sure enough, it sucked. Track 5 was indeed a collection of sound effects. That was not how I remembered it. So I went back and listened to my old album. And it was as different as I remembered it being! So what can account for this gap in quality? I had the cassette tape. And it was completely different. For one thing, the first five tracks are mixed much better on the tape, to the point that the instruments and sound effects sounded more real. Also, track five was an awesome techno tune with men chanting and an unidentifiable stringed instrument, and not sound effects. Everything else was about the same, except that the cassette DID have and 32nd track. Only it was between "Mountain Bay 2" and "It's A Me, Mario!", so that would make it the 18th track. And for that matter, the 19th track. And the 20th, 21st, and 22nd track. Yes, this track repeats itself five times (but it's still catchy). It's a shame I have no idea what it is. So, all in all, i guess no one who mixed either the tape or the CD did much in the ways of quality control (the first five tracks on the tape also stop a few seconds early), but those who got the CD ended up with the short end of the stick. Pity. I'd really have liked a good quality version that I didn't have to piece together myself.
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