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Default TLCD-00003: Guillian Rader ArrangeSound Album "TestamenT"

I finally was able to track down a copy of this. I added images: case (front and back), insert (front and back), disc, tray.

The disc is a CD-R. Suruga-ya has it listed as a CD-R on their page for this album as well, so that's correct. There's nothing printed on the disc label.

The back of the insert has the arrangers of tracks 1~6 credited as "composers". But since Mihami Ohga (Ryu Umemoto) composed all those tracks originally, I think that should be treated as them just using the word composer erroneously.

I've also corrected the catalog number. It should be TLCD-00003 (not TLCD-0003). See black text at the bottom of the back of the case.

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