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By the way, it seems like the pronunciation of composers' names have become a small issue in the show. Here is a basic guide to pronouncing Japanese names (and Japanese in general).

[a] = "ah"
[i] = "ee"
[u] = "oo"
[e] = "eh" (as in "pen")
[o] = "oh"

So Senoue's name is correctly pronounced as, "seh-no-oo-eh." This is particularly tricky with names that have adjacent vowels, like Senoue, since the vowel pronunciations are separated in Japanese (Se/no/u/e).

Other examples:
Hosoe = "ho-so-eh"
Shiono = "shee-oh-no"
Motoaki = "moh-toh-ah-kee"
Naofumi = "nah-oh-foo-mee"
Uematsu = "oo-eh-mah-tsu"

If you stick to these rules, you shouldn't have a problem.

- Justin Pfeiffer

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