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Post I.N.T doujin circle


I'd like to explain a little more about this short lived circle that I recently added a few weeks ago or so. Reason why I say short lived is because the circle apparently disbanded after BLOB was release, or presumably just stopped making albums altogether. Not sure of the reason why but I wished they'd continue on as this circle would've had a bright future in the doujin scene in my opinion.

I'd like to explain a little bit about this circle. I.N.T is group consisting of Yuji.M, 700/1300, HaL, maklow, and even the wonderful SHIKI himself. The name I.N.T derives from the description from their website quote, "Some people leer Dutch Trance and criticize Epic Trance. They say these are not Trance. But we want to say to them "So What?". Simply we like "NotTrance". We will just create it. So we call ourself, "I.N.T is NotTrance".", obviously the English doesn't sound right but their style of music doesn't just stick to trance. I can't really describe the music as genres are really my weak point when it comes to that.

What I can say though is that their music has attitude to it when you're listening. Sticks out from other electronic artists that I've heard of. The last album BLOB has quite a lot of sharp drums that make your head bob along with the tracks . I personally enjoy Yuji.M out of the whole group as he creates some of the most melodic and memorable tracks on the albums. Needless to say that the entire group as a whole is quite indeed awesome. It's a shame that a circle with such good potential has been overlooked and will become one of the many few that will soon disappear into music scene.

I'll be adding artist pages for members of I.N.T in a little while so make sure to check back to this thread for edits. Hope you all enjoyed this short read about I.N.T

Take a look at the samples below and get a taste of I.N.T's music. Wish there was stock for their albums still. I saw Double Precision and Floating Point on Yahoo! Japan Auctions around this month but wasn't able to obtain since I didn't sign up for any deputy service at the time. Hopefully as time flies it'll pop up again.

New artists needed to be linked
Yuji.M (Appears on all I.N.T albums)

maklow (Appears on all I.N.T albums)

700/1300 (Appears on all I.N.T albums)

HaL (Appears on BLOB & Floating Point)

Sidenote: SHIKI appears on Floating Point and Double Precision.
qurter appears on BLOB

Albums featured on

Double Precision

Floating Point

I.N.T's website

I.N.T's Muzie page

Yuji.M's Muzie page

I didn't bother adding the artists sites since the majority of them except for Shiki's is no longer in service, or hasn't been updated in almost a year. Their pages are still listed on the I.N.T website so if you're still interested take a look at em.

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