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Default CDDB and other options

In my experience, when ripping my game music CDs using iTunes, the automatic artist and track info that comes back from CDDB is truly a mixed bag. Half the time the track names are in the original Japanese, the rest are English. The genre is never consistent (personally, I use GSM, a cue from Capcom, because I think it sounds cool, and soundtrack is way to generic) and other info, such as disc number, total tracks or year is often missing.

Is there any way to fix this? It would seem that replicating vgmdb's information up to CDDB would fix the situation, but perhaps only for English-speaking users. Would it be possible to setup a similar sever that containes vgmdb's information that I could point my itunes at when looking for track information (if iTunes even supports this)? It sounds like a project, but since the info is already available in the db, maybe it's just a matter of writing a script or tool to provide the conversion.

Anyway, just an idea. I have spent many hours fixing track information in iTunes and would love to never have to go throught that again.
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