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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
There's a discussion on priorities here. The conclusion so far was that the notes field was adequate for this. Also, do you really want someone to know how desperately you want an album (and consequently how much he can jack up the price.)
What about making it possible to set the priorities to "private", so it's just for myself.

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Some of the other sorting stuff would actually be useful for all of the collection and marketplace lists. An overhaul of these is definitely in the plans, though I can't promise a timetable for it.
No sweat!

EDIT: Thinking about it, it would be really nice to have the folder concept, that is already present for the collection, also for the wishlist. This way I could at least separate the OOP albums from the stuff that is still in print.

EDIT2: Maybe "priority" isn't the right term for what I'm looking for. It's just that I would like to move the albums around a bit, group them, etc. - I can already do this to some extend for the collection, but the wishlist isn't really flexible in that terms.

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