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Is the character "編" really translated correctly here? I am very confused by the use of that character on this site. It seems to have different translations depending on the album in question:
Edition, compilation, part, edition, compilation, version, episode, and sometimes it is just left as the Japanese pronunciation.

I agree that a character can have different meanings depending on where or together with what it is written, but if the only difference between two titles are the console name, the meaning of "編" should be the same. Google translate says "ファミコン編" means "Famicom Edition", while saying that "編" means compilation on its own. My dictionary also agrees on the compilation meaning.

If "ファミコン編" is translated as "Famicom Edition" on this site, I don't understand the reasoning behind translating "メガドライブ編" and "SFC編" into "MegaDrive Compilation" and "SFC Compilation", since they are identical uses of the same character. I understand that everyone translates things differently, but perhaps it's time to use the same standard for the same thing throughout the site.

Going back to the title of the album again, isn't the meaning of "サウンド部" something like "sound club", most likely a reference to Kunio's dodgeball club. And should the title then be "Nekketsu High School Sound Club", or should the other album be "Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu Soccer Edition"? Neither of them seem to have any English title.

These are the things that keep me up at night. :<
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