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Default My findings

It seems I forgot about this one for quite a while lol!! XD anyway, I have confirmed that the release date was December 29th, 2002 (Comiket 63) thanks to Aether's old website (

Both an old PHOENIX Project website ( and the CD's extra data point out that Yamamo also contributed to track 14 along with morio, whose old website was this ( according to the extra data.

The CD's extra data didn't specify this, but the release price seems to be 500 JPY (according to the old Aether website, in which Eru actually talked about the 500 JPY he listed as being "attractive") even though another old PHOENIX Project page ( lists the price as 800 JPY (if the CD was at one point available through mail order, then that might've been its price after the event)

I cannot, however, confirm that there was or wasn't a particular catalog number for this CD, as neither the extra data nor any old website lists one, and unfortunately, Yamamo's old website page for the CD was not recovered through the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) - although it would have been (according to the old Aether website)

But yeah, I think that should be enough for this CD for now (until I get a hold of the physical copy myself - if that ever happens lol - to make some scans). Thank you Rrolack again for sending me the CD's extra data, and I guess I'll leave you all off with this comment by Yamamo hidden in the data about who she wanted to specially thank regarding this production:「曲に対して辛辣なコメントをくれた母と弟(笑)、
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