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Default Super Mario Sunshine (#2129)

I apologize if this has already been discussed a thousand times over the years on this site... but, regarding who composed what in this game, I found something rather interesting.

(Keep in mind, this is by no means official confirmation at all).

A GitHub user created a tool to edit Super Mario Sunshine files and they have listed all of the tracks found in the original game with the in-game filenames.

Some of them start with k_*, and the others with t_*, and it just so happens that, out of the confirmed Sunshine credits that we have from this album, they line up exactly with Koji Kondo and Shinobu Tanaka, respectively. Which leads me to believe that the name headers actually indicate which composer was in charge of each track.

Based on this, I got this track rundown (English names come from the sound test on Super Mario 3D All-Stars):

Spoiler: - Delfino Plaza - Koji Kondo - Bianco Hills - Koji Kondo - Gelato Beach - Koji Kondo
t_pinnapaco_s - Pinna Beach - Shinobu Tanaka
t_pinnapaco.c - Pinna Park - Shinobu Tanaka - Noki Depths - Shinobu Tanaka
t_montevillag - Pianta Village - Shinobu Tanaka - Sirena Beach - Shinobu Tanaka - Ricco Harbor - Koji Kondo - Shine! - Koji Kondo - Proto Piranha - Shinobu Tanaka - Too Bad! - Koji Kondo - Boss Battle - Shinobu Tanaka - Select Data - Shinobu Tanaka - Title Screen - Koji Kondo - Mid-Boss - Shinobu Tanaka - Secret Course - Koji Kondo - Hotel Delfino - Shinobu Tanaka
t_marevillage - Noki Bay - Shinobu Tanaka - Corona Mountain - Shinobu Tanaka
k_kagemario.c - Shadow Mario - Koji Kondo - Course Intro - Koji Kondo
t_montevillag - Pianta Hot Spring - Shinobu Tanaka
t_mechakuppa_ - Mecha-Bowser - Shinobu Tanaka - Delfino Airstrip - Koji Kondo - Underground - Koji Kondo
k_titleback.c - Opening Demo - Koji Kondo
t_montevillag - Pianta Village (Night) - Shinobu Tanaka
t_delfino_kaj - Casino - Shinobu Tanaka - Event - Shinobu Tanaka
t_timelimit.c - Timed Event - Shinobu Tanaka
t_extra_skyan - Secret Course-Sky and Sea - Shinobu Tanaka
t_montevillag - Pianta Rescue - Shinobu Tanaka
t_pinnapaco_m - Yoshi-Go-Round - Shinobu Tanaka - Select Scenario - Koji Kondo
t_casino_fanf - Casino Fanfare - Shinobu Tanaka
t_race_fanfar - Race Fanfare - Shinobu Tanaka
k_camerakage. - Course Intro-Shadow Mario - Koji Kondo - Game Over - Koji Kondo
t_boss_hanach - Wiggler Intro - Shinobu Tanaka
t_boss_geso_i - Gooper Blooper Intro - Shinobu Tanaka
t_chuboss_man - Phantamanta - Shinobu Tanaka
t_montevillag - Pianta Village-Fluff Festival - Shinobu Tanaka
t_shine_appea - A Shine Sprite Appears - Shinobu Tanaka - Bowser - Koji Kondo
t_monteman_ra - Racing Il Piantissimo - Shinobu Tanaka

Keep in mind that this pretty much does not include music from the cutscenes (I guess it possibly can't be extracted at all), but otherwise the list is rather comprehensive. It's also missing the Staff Credits theme, but we already know that to be Kondo's.

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