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Default Kemu Tsukamoto (#12839)

kemu unveiled today that his real name is Shota Horie. Technically this isn't 100% true, but I'll link the pages anyways.

kemu was actually a project started by Sound Drive. Horie was the main composer but occasionally, when his schedule was too busy, other Sound Drive members participated. For example, his 2nd and 6th song ("Invisible" and "Kamisama Neji Maki") were arranged by Yuya Saito. I also know that Yuichi Wakabayashi contributed at least one arrangement under the Tsukamoto name. Hiroki Suzuki was also involved but, as far as I can tell, his role was limited to editing/mixing/mastering. Officially his role was given as "SMC", but it's not know what this was an abbreviation for.

Horie hasn't worked at Sound Drive since around 2013, so any new songs are 100% his own. In fact, all of Sound Drive's members left the company around 2013 for unknown reasons (aside from Yuya Saito, the president).

For reference, here is the Sound Drive staff list from 2011:
Yuya Saito
President, Arranger, Producer

Hiroki Suzuki
Composer & Producer

Shota Horie
Composer & Arranger

Yuichi Wakabayashi
Composer & Arranger

Seiya Kobayashi

Masamichi Iwasaki
And here is Sound Drive's trademark filing for "kemu":
【出願日】平成24年(2012) 10月24日
【氏名又は名称】株式会社Sound Drive

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