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I agree with Cedille, Seanne, and Another, particularly after seeing how excited people are about the upcoming content filter, so that they can remove doujins from display. Also, it is clear that we don't know how to tell if a publisher is Commercial, or Doujin, or Independent. Is it some license, or a revenue threshhold, or number of albums produced/artists represented? It's more of "I know it when I see it."

After sleeping on this, I'm beginning to think that Publisher type, as in the Publisher's status as a business, shouldn't be on the album pages. It should be on the publisher page, because it's fixed thing that rarely changes.

An alternative is to list Publication type. Some ideas for this:

Commercial -- Usually sold; publisher has rights to all content; consumer has no redistribution rights
Open -- Usually downloaded; publisher has rights to all content; consumer is granted redistribution rights
Fan-Arrange -- May be sold or downloaded; publisher has rights to derived content, but not to the original content
Bootleg -- Usually sold; publisher has no rights to distribute content

The names certainly aren't set in stone, and there are some permutations that aren't listed. More discussion would be needed. I think this categorizes albums in a way that you can better filter out stuff you don't want to see.
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