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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
Hey Bonkers

The links are done manually. Someone on staff will need to link the artists on the album page to their respective artist pages. When I approved the album, I didn't link the names because the credits seem to need more verification. I could probably fix the arrangers line and just link those. I'm not familiar enough with the works to link the composers though. Perhaps you could help though:

In the credit "Bonkers ft. VikingGuitar", what does VikingGuitar to? If a name is featured, does that mean they performed (maybe in this case, on guitar), and that they did not help arrange?
Oh ok. Viking Guitar, he did the guitar solo during the Chorus of "Vampire Killer" in the middle of the song that links "Vampire Killer" to "Name Entry 2k2"

And that's it. A small part, but the two of us planned for it a whole year before he even got to record it haha.

Everything else is me.

If you need to know about any of the other tracks, I will either already know or can find out.


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