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AKU NO HANA: strange and also little bit interesting anime and music really helps to create weird atmosphere - electronica and piano works great in anime but I can´t imagine to listen this music from CD.

MAJESTIC PRINCE: Orchestral and "brassy". I am always thinking that "Mecha" genre can inspire composers to creating their best work. Hope for soundtrack CD

UTA NO PRINCE SAMA 2: In style of first series there is really beautiful uplifting music with light strings and some jazzy influences by dynamite duo of Elements Garden - Junpei Fujita and Hitoshi Fujima. This will be no brainer for me even if KICA will again release soundtracks in DVD+CD combo packs, damn it!

HYAKKA RYORAN SAMURAI GIRLS: It is standard Kato what is great, but I will wait for more music in next episodes.

DEVIL SURVIVOR 2: Anime so so, but I will probably watch this because I didn´t remmber lot of music from this...only some electronica-ambient driven tracks

PHOTO KANO: Certainly in top three - light string arrangemens with piano and some good groovy keyboards. Anime...ehm don´t know what to think about it...

YAHARI ORE NO SEISHUN: I don´t remember music from this anime at all but quite like a concept. I am curious what will brings this in next episodes

KARNEVAL: Hamaguchi!...and so far also very little music which I recall from this but anime concept is good.

HATARAKU MAOU-SAMA: Best from anime this season I really like it and also notice music more than in Karneval so...high hopes for this
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