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I don't mean when you do it, I mean when someone calls you out about it. Though when you do it would be really helpful, that's kind of what the discussions are for. Man, if you would have just mentioned "this track and this track are actually pronounced like this in the anime and the anime made it up so I wrote it like that" that would have been awesome and taken like what, 3 minutes? People post stuff like that all the time in discussions and it really helps. Obviously don't post about routine romanization, but these two were special, you could have left a note.

EDIT: May I point out that those romanizations were well after-the-fact changes to the already existing tracklist, so you very well could have left a nice note explaining why you did such an odd looking thing to a romaji tracklist rather than assuming that everyone who comes by is going to have the same knowledge about Fate/stay night that you have. That's why there was an announcement made about posting your edits, right? Am I imagining that? Explaining your edit would have been nice.

Anyway whatever, yes, the roles have been reversed now, I know nothing about Japanese and you, Phonograph, my hero, no, my god, O teach me, Phonograph because you know everything.

Except about English, cause DAMN.

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