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I've used SAL for shipping with CDJapan for as long as I can remember, and I can recommend it to anyone who prioritises cost over shipping time. Takes around 4 weeks to Germany, where one week is time spend in customs. Point here is, this one week doesn't significantly change if I opt for more expensive services. So it's always 1wk + X and personally I'm not willing to spend insane amounts to reduce X to one or two days.

At some point you really stop caring if it takes one or four weeks. Nowadays I just place an order and usually forget about it after a week. I just enjoy it when a package arrives eventually. I don't wait anymore, as in counting days or constantly checking the tracking page.

And no horror stories to report about lost shipments and stuff. In fact the only times where packages got lost was when I used EMS, but that was not with CDJ.
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