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Originally Posted by Illidan View Post
Can recommend Amazon JP if you want your stuff fast and at a reasonable price. No idea where you live but they always used DHL for me and they arrive here in a couple days.
In case you're in a country with custom fees, they charge it beforehand so you don't have any surprises when you get the package, and you actually end up paying slightly less than what DHL would normally charge you when ordering from other places.

Personally I generally prefer SAL with CDJapan since most of the times I don't really care about having something the day it's out. Saves a lot of money in the long run since often SAL packages do not get custom fees here.

TerraEpon is probably right about the changes you're seeing from last year though, the exchange rate has definitely been pretty bad for importing lately.
That's always been my issue unfortunately. I'm kind of impatient about this kind of stuff and tend to want instant gratification. If I'm getting something old I do usually use SAL but I tend to just get ongoing stuff these days so that option is less tempting. I'll break free of that bad habit eventually.................maybe :P.

I'll try out Amazon soon though it appears that digital downloads don't seem to work for me. I tried to get this and it kept denying me. Do have to do something weird with my address if I live in America?
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