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Originally Posted by Alcahest View Post
Also in the CDJ SAL camp (registered SAL to be precise).
And since indeed pre-charges custom fees, that makes them just not an option. I must get striked 2 out of 10 packages for customs, there's no regularity whatsoever where I live (or I'm a super lucky bastard, which I doubt) so having AmazonJP strike me in advance for every single order is beyond retarded for me to even consider.

This is a recent change btw (the amazon custom precharge), I used to order from them when this nonsense wasn't implemented.
lol this is exactly my feelings towards them. Customs don't check every single parcel. I get stung maybe 1 or 2/10 for customs fees. Plus I should be able to choose my shipping method, if it gets lost cos I chose SAL then my tough shit. Its almost verging on £35-£45 postage for 1 CD, absolute laughable nonsensical rubbish. I won't use amazon uk or amazon JP again.

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