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Originally Posted by Aifread View Post
Super Meat Boy is still the best score Danny Baranowsky ever did imo.

As for others no one's mentioned yet, definitely check out Hotline Miami and Furi.
Like the Super Meat Boy, but I have to give a shout of to Furi. I am not good a twin stick shooters, so I would stink at this game, but for a game that can be completed in 2hrs if your good enough, I think this game looks like a blast. I wish there was more stuff like this and, man, loved that ending.

I liked Furi's music the longer I watched the playthough, but am I correct in assuming the boss fight themes have "phases" to them? I can't help but feel that the music changed after certain enemy energy bars were gone, and I'm kind of assuming that's what the "LP edit" on certain tracks on the soundtrack's track listing is implying.

Also, does that soundtrack contain all the music? They listed the tracks in the game's credits, but I can't help but think a few aren't on the CD. I just hope my favorites made the cut if that's the case.
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