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VGM Classics is of course pursuing possibilities to feature minor but great video game as I listed on #16. Of course, it has to be doable in business-wise, so as a label, it must consider to build a solid repertoire first to be able to feature minor games.
Unfortunately, some companies do not want us to go the crowd-funding route thinking it might be a bad publicity if it failed. So, we just can't put the minor game onto Kickstarter and "see-if-it-reaches-its-goal-or-not."

As far as the digital distribution goes, VGM Classics can do it, but it probably might not be able to use so-called popular platforms like Amazon or iTunes. Streaming is currently "no." This is due to the license agreement.

Again, thank you very much for all who have written ideas on this thread. VGM Classics and I have tremendous respects to you and your labor of love given to this site and database.
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