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Default Ratings now open - good luck

The rating period for Composition Combat is now open. Good luck to all contestants.

Rating is as simple as visiting each song and clicking on the star corresponding to the rating you would like to assign to that song. You may, but are not required, to leave a detailed review along with your rating. Registration is not necessary to participate in the voting.

If you previously rated a song before the rating period began, you will have to rerate the song for your vote to count. You should note that the ratings that are displayed are not the actual standings that songs are currently placed in. The current ratings include votes that were cast outside the rating period as well as fake votes designed to throw people off the actual scores of the songs. You may vote for as many or as few songs as you would like, and competitors may place one vote for their own songs if they wish.

The list of songs to rate may be found in the "Composition Combat registration thread." I was going to copy them here, but I didn't see any need to as the thread is pretty comprehensive and easy to read. It contains links to each song.

Finally, as to the issue of cheating: some part of this competition will have to rely on the honor system. This is a competition designed to draw attention to everyone's music, not to create a huge controversy over cheating. I hope that, as musicians who want to make it big in the gaming industry, competitors will rate their peers' songs as they see fit, not with low ratings designed to artificially lower others' scores. The overall rule you should follow with ratings is this:

Vote only once per song.

That said, I released additional security features that keep detailed logs of each vote, and we will use this information to analyze the voting patterns after the ratings period concludes. One of the features provides the ability to link votes to contributors (although who voted what scores will not be released). As long as you vote only once per song, and vote the way you think songs should be rated, you should have no problems.

Happy voting!
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