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Default VGMusic of the Day - A Youtube channel for your listening pleasure

Howdy! 'VGMusicOfTheDay' is, as advertised, a channel where we post a different video game song each day. The songs have to originate from a game (so no licensed tracks/arrangements from outside a game), but practically anything is fair game (no pun intended) from the wide world of video game music. We try to have a balance of obscure/well-known stuff.

There's seven different uploaders, and we all have a specific day of the week on which we upload stuff (mine is Thursday). There are two current playlists: one of the first 200 days, and one of everything after.

Days 1-200:

Days 201+:

Here's some sample uploads, one from each uploader:
SuperAngelo (Monday):

TheKnightOfNee (Tuesday):

Kleenex (Wednesday):

Ed Bellis (Thursday):

KamikazePotato (Friday):

Pikachu 025 (Saturday):

Harmonica (Sunday):

I hope you all like this lovely little channel. Maybe you'll find something you've never heard before or something you've been dying to get reacquainted with – either way, I'm sure there's something for everyone. Enjoy!
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