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Default CHIP-01: DRINK!

I've had my doubts on the legitimacy of this one, but the company have been pretty responsive to e-mails and have gradually updated the legal disclaimer in order to clarify.

It currently says:

"The Chipped Records 7" single release DRINK! - ペプシマン Pepushiman CHIP-01 is a fully licensed product of the 1999 released PS title DRINK! - ペプシマン that covers the use of the said titles music, cover image and title name for one time limited release. The release is approved by the current title license owner 株式会社 MAGES (MAGES. Co. Ltd.) that owns all rights to the DRINK! - ペプシマン title. The release does not have any affiliation with PepsiCo or any of it's partners."
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