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hey; just felt like i should share this information here since i've just been sitting with it and not shared it, and this seems like the place to share it. Way earlier this year I talked to Kimihiro Abe quite lengthily, and he very nicely listened to a bunch of his old music and confirmed for me a bunch of credits of which tracks were his in some games where that info wasn't known before. Here's a list of that!

Bleach: Heat The Soul 2
- Gin Ichimaru's Theme Song
- Abandoned Building
- Ending

Bleach: Heat The Soul 4
- Bankai Ichigo vs Yammy
- Character Master Next Battle

(extra info, he also confirmed that Ichigo's Inner World from Bleach: Heat The Soul 4 was Mitsuhiro Kaneda)

Coded Soul
[track names are based off of this playlist: . . . this is important because these are not actually labelled correctly with where these tracks play in game lol]
- Monolith Gate
- Buried City
- Skyscrapers
- Battle Theme 4
- Boss Battle 1
- Boss Battle 3
- Final Boss Battle 1
- Echo of Idea

Digimon Savers Another Mission (Digimon World: Data Squad)
- Boss Battle Theme
- Comrade Joins
- Doomsday Forest Ruin
- Enemy defeated
- Etemon Battle Theme Shortened Version I
- Etemon Battle Theme Shortened Version II
- Etemon Battle Theme Shortened Version III
- Etemon Battle Theme
- Sea Precipice Jerapilus
- Shopping
- Victory!

Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure
- Main Menu
- Blastoise's Resort
- Space Hiking
- Haunter Mansion
- Bright Sunshine

hopefully this information makes others just as happy to have as it's made me! Learning some of these credits solidified to my mind that Kimihiro Abe's probably just literally my favorite video game music composer hahaha
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