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Yep, those results were very expected, although I agree with Lunar about Meguro--Ito must certainly be more widely praised.
*coughnotthatItodeservestobeontop10anythingexceptperhaps toptenmostrtisticallystuntedcomposerscough*

Koshiro's placement also surprises me. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me on a 'top ten VGM composers in general' list, but here? I guess I don't think of him as an RPG composer. I think of him for titles like Actraiser 1 & 2, Streets of Rage, or those mindless Wangan Midnight albums. I'm glad this curiosity was noted in the article.

Nice write-up Chris, it was a good experiment. I wish you could have gotten more participants, but the more communities you expand to the less knowledgeable about VGM people tend to be. The results would get increasingly homogeneous as more surveys are taken.

I also expected Saori Kobayashi's general lack of renown to exclude her from the list, even though I maintain that she's the best ever.
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