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But if anyone ever wants to do a feature like 'Top Ten Underlooked Composers', I'd always be happy to publish it. It reminds me I need to find some time to write more about Hoshino myself!
that'd be a little odd, i'm not even sure how that could work. unpopularity is very hard to measure and collect data on. it'd be tough to represent something like that factually in the same way as popularity. gathering the sum of public opinion on unpopular composers is sort of paradoxical in nature by definition that makes them more popular than the guys that aren't mentioned, thus less applicable than them for an article. otherwise we then have to have the top ten underlooked underlooked composers, and so on ~

that aside, the problem i'd anticipate is everyone suggesting all sorts of different guys, then ensuing debates on who's more unpopular than who. there's no small amount to pick from after all; how do you narrow it down? and if purely favouring unpopularity, where does it end? because you'd end up with john smith who composed for an rpg maker game once. hey, he's more unpopular than Motoaki Takenouchi after all!

perhaps i'm reading into this but you hopefully see my point haha. it's an interesting concept but a tricky thing to work in practice.
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