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Default (ALBUM) Can of Nothing: Project Flash 2 (Preliminary Demo Version)

Can of Nothing: Project Flash 2 (Preliminary Demo Version) is my current magnum opus, finally released for downloads! After about 7 or so months of work, the album is up for an initial release, and it's available for any price of your fancy - even for free!

Starring 3 main arrangers, many guest artists and one growing composer, Can of Nothing: Project Flash 2 depicts a fictional adventure across the Enraptured Everglade through 6 locations: Sunburst Shores, Rail Retreat, Arduous Alley, Lapis Lake, Vindicant Valley and Stratos Station. Each location has its own melody, twisted into different ways to make each song unique and stand out.

"Why is it a 'Preliminary Demo Version'?"
It's an initial release with (relatively) limited content - I'm currently working on a second - and final - revision, one that will add lots of new content for the album, such as a fully written out story, bonus tracks from guest artists and more artwork! Needless to say, I hope you stay tuned for it.

"How do I download it for free?"
Click "Buy Now", and insert "0'. You'll be able to get it for free - and please, don't feel bad about it! Any comments and thoughts would be surely better than you having to miss this because it's not in the reach of your budget!

"Is that green can Can of Nothing?"
No, his name is Flash. Get it right. :U

Please, feel free to download this, even for free - Comments and opinions are - and will be - warmly welcomed!
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