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Default buying VGM on YahooJapan with shoppingmall service

Hi guys,
recently I've started to buy VGM from YahooJapan with the famous middleservice shoppingmalljapan, after reading some reviews on the net.
Well I'm very satisfied with the service considering the reasonable commissions compared to other similar services available.
But the only defect I've found is the system storage (to save money) which has a limit of one month for non-U.S. customers like me compared to the 3 months limit for american friends.
I've also read there's a possibility for us (europeans) with a request, to store items in the US office of shoppingmall paying additional shipping costs (don't know how many) that normal american customers pays and have so the 3 limit month.
I know there are some european users here that use that service so how do you behave?
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