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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
I typically try to use their local storage as much as possible to save on shipping, so I tend to buy things in bunches. Another thing which can save you money on fees is to bid on auctions with several items included, as you pay 'per-auction'.

And considering Japanese people always package stuff with the greatest of care I've never once had problems using either Airmail or even SAL (I typically use Regular Airmail, which takes about 4 days to get here from Japan). Even SAL is no problem, sure it might take several weeks for it to arrive but it's cheeeap!
This only applies, however, to Yahoo Japan. If you request multiple items from the same store (I've bought stuff off extenal sites before) they will charge you additional fees per item requested. Still really useful though.

Japanese do not always package their stuff with great care, that's as stereotypical as saying that they're all nice.

Here's what SMJ have to say about their shipping:

>>>-SAL: This service should be used on a heavier lot of items when shipping cost is a major concern. EMS may be quicker and safer, but SAL can be around 20 to 30% cheaper on average for larger / heavier packages, but can take 3 times longer to arrive and has no guarenteed time frame (it can take over a month in some rare cases). The only major drawback we've had with SAL is that it can no longer be insured. We always recommend EMS over SAL.

>>>-SAL-printed: This is a very cheap service designed for small packages with only printed matter. Check the link on the shipping request page for restrictions. (we will not ship non-printed matter or other items that do not qualify via this service even if requested) Its not insured nor trackable, and in our experiance takes usually 10 to 14 days to deliver.

>>>-Surface: The only time you should ever use this service is when you need to cut shipping costs dramaticly, the items are not easily broken, and you don't mind if it takes forever and a day for them to arrive (can take 3+ months in some cases) This type of package can't be insured, can't be tracked, and has litterally no time frame for delivery. Even though average shipping times may be stated on the postal site, in our experiance it shows up when it feels like it. Should a Surface package get lost or damaged, there is no option to file a claim, no recouperation, and SMJ will not assume any of the costs. Use at your own risk.

So just be careful. Basically if you don't use EMS, it's not insured nor tracked. It's a gamble, so use it at your own risk. If it goes missing, nothing can be done.
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